Don Barone


I am, simply, a storyteller.

Old school teller of tales, some of which are true, some of which I wish were.

Tell some stories with a pen, tell some stories with a lens, in the end those who come next here will know us only by the stories we leave behind.

I am, simply, a storyteller, next in line to put a picture on the walls of the cave.

I don’t fancy up pictures too much. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Documentary Filmmaking, making stuff look like it wasn’t; didn’t go over well.

I’m a point and shoot kind of guy. Run and gun is what we call it inside the biz. Composition, subject, and in-focus is what I shoot for. If it turns out pretty most times it was just luck.

I’ve been in the biz shy under 40 years now. That surprises most, even me.

I’m a past member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Science.

I’ve won three Emmys.

I’ve won several Cable Ace awards, a couple AP awards.

Won a World Medal for Investigative Journalism.

Won over a dozen writing awards.

Won photography awards.

Co-authored 7 books.

Honored as Sportsman of the Year by the New England Outdoor Writers Association.

Have had strangers actually buy some of the picture stuff.

But, given the absolute freedom to write a biography, this is what I hope I will have left behind:

Sometimes with pen.

Sometimes with lens.

I told you a story.

I am, simply, a storyteller.

Next in line to write, to place a picture on the wall of the cave.



Stories are the fossils of mankind, it is how they who come next will remember us, our words, our pictures

Stories told with a pen, stories told with a lens.

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