Clinton Deckert is an award winning contemporary artist and art advocate, having served as Curator and Juror in many regional art events. His artwork was selected for inclusion into the Societé Nationale Des Beaux Arts international exhibition at Carrousel Du Lovre, Paris, France.  Deckert’s work has appeared twice in the New York Times, he has also exhibited throughout New York in Chelsea, SoHo, Williamsburg and Woodstock. He has several artworks represented in the acclaimed Jack & Susan Warner Collection of American Art and is represented by Dorothy’s Gallery in Paris, France.  Deckert’s work was recently exhibited in the New Britain Museum of American Art’s New / Now program.


References; Quotes from critics, gallery owners, fine art specialists’ jurors and directors:

New/Now - “…I have enjoyed your paintings for some time… This will be the last exhibition I arrange for the Museum and I am very happy it will be your time to receive the much-deserved spotlight.” Douglas Hyland, Executive Director, New Britain Museum of Art, 2015

"His paintings are rendered without the hindrance of logic and their appeal comes from the eerie ambience of unique imagery capturing a timeless quality. Deckert seems keenly aware of the absurdities underlying the very concept of life." Jude Schwendenwien, Art New England, 1991

“Deckert is refreshingly bizarre!” Eric Stegmaier, 

Fine Art Conservationist, Yale Center for British Arts, 2015

“Deckert’s riotous conjurings are dazzling, ingenious, provocative and injected with a sense of fun." Steve Starger, Journal Inquirer Art New England, 1997

Clinton Deckert was a pure delight during his exhibition at the New Britain Museum of American Art.  His work was a fine example of Surrealism, DADA(ism), playfulness and full range of colorful imaging.  Deckert was part of our New/Now series which shows artists that are currently working in their fields and bringing a new and exciting artistic focus to our institution. Heather Whitehouse, Associate Curator of Education, New Britain Museum of American Art, 2016

Comment inspired by studio Interview prior to the Twenty Five Year Retrospective exhibition at Paris in Plantsville…  “If the gallery installation is anything like Deckert's nearby home, it will resemble a mid-air collision between Joseph Cornell and Salvador Dali. Every corner of his home contains evidence of a torrential talent and an offbeat vision.”  Alan Bisbort, Hartford Advocate, 2012

“Deckert' artwork demands your attention by using multiple layers of intense yet harmoniously balanced color in tandem with various techniques that bridge the gap of the imaginary worlds that he portrays in each of his works. His work while in the gallery, pulsated with power as one, but when broken down piece by piece, they each tell a separate and timeless story. Clinton's work lives up to its storied and seemingly legendary continuous following... It's as if the gallery walls have quieted themselves to take a deep breath since the show has come to an end. ”   Sean Michanczyk,  Director / Owner of Paris In Plantsville, 2015

Clint probably had some set of circumstances, which can best be described as surreal at birth. He IS a modern surrealist with an uncanny ability to paint so realistically, that some of his 'mythical creatures' seem to be marching off the canvas. His work captivates the viewer. I've watched delighted onlookers as they slow down and take time to converse and interpret what they see in his work. His show was by far the most successful we've ever had here in the gallery. His art creates collectors which are die hard FANS!"  Michelle L. White, White Space Gallery, New Haven, CT  2008

"Deckert takes it all on - color compatibility, canvas structure, field depth, compositional nesting, classic themes and commentary.  Even given day to reflect ... it is doubtful that I would be able to get to the root of the image." Leah Lopez Schmalz, Guilford Courier, 2007

“[His]… work is exactly the sort of serious stuff that reflects the excellence of the arts in our area.”  Stephen F. Hard, Executive Director, Greater New Britain Arts Alliance. 2009

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